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Portfolio Management

In an ever changing environment, structured and disciplined professional advice is imperative in successfully managing wealth and keeping abreast of economic and legislative changes.

Baillieu Holst’s portfolio service is built from the top down, working closely with our financial planning team to ensure the structures and vehicles in place are suitable and optimised for our client’s investment goals. In line with the client’s objectives and risk tolerances, appropriate asset allocation decisions are recommended and agreed upon.

Baillieu Holst’s portfolio management service has been specifically designed in a focused and structured manner. Quarterly investment reviews ensure the adviser and client work closely together to monitor performance, actively address issues and methodically implement agreed upon recommendations.

Portfolio Administration Service

LOGIC, Baillieu Holst’s portfolio administration system, is a professional service that comprehensively manages investment portfolios. It not only records transactions and investment-related income and expenditure, it also deals with the day-to-day accounting of portfolios as well as the management of investment-related mail.

LOGIC eases the burden by:

• Completely reconstructing portfolios from day one to ensure we have an accurate and solid foundation to manage our clients’ wealth.

• Enabling on demand reporting of account valuations, realised and unrealised capital gains tax, profit and losses, transactions, performance and income and expenses.

• Allowing the team at Baillieu Holst to action on instructions regarding investment-related mail.

• Delivering Portfolio Summary Reports and a full year tax report.

The benefits include:

• Clients retaining control over the management of their portfolio.

• Full, direct, beneficial and legal ownership of assets.

• If required, regular income payments from cash management accounts.

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