Money Market

Baillieu Holst’s Money Market department manages funds in cash management accounts (CMA), fixed interest products and government and corporate bonds, providing low-risk and convenient ways to manage cash while earning competitive returns. We offer a professional and personalised service with a dedicated team ready to help.

Cash Management Accounts

The department offers a range of CMAs from some of Australia’s largest and best known financial institutions. These accounts offer a wide range of access options and have the flexibility of an everyday bank account with a competitive interest rate and no account keeping fees. They are also fully integrated into Baillieu Holst’s systems, providing our clients and advisers with an up to date and accurate depiction of cash flows and portfolios.

Fixed interest investments

Baillieu Holst offers fixed interest investments, also from some of Australia’s largest and best known financial institutions. The firm conducts ongoing market research to ensure that the rates, terms and transaction options offered are competitive in comparison with what clients could receive directly from the institutions themselves. All investments are held at the institutions in the clients’ own name and are predominantly covered by the government deposit guarantee.

These investments are fully integrated into the Baillieu Holst system and work in tandem with a CMA to help our clients and their advisers effectively manage their cash flows and investments.

Save time and let Baillieu do the paper work

Clients have the option of completing a Limited Power of Attorney (POA) form which means once complete they no longer will be required to fill out application forms or sign documents as all paperwork will be taken care of by a Money Market team member. Any account opened using the Money Market POA is opened in the clients own name and still covered by the government deposit guarantee.

Setting up an account?

For those interested in setting up a CMA or fixed interest investment with Baillieu Holst, our team would be pleased to send you an information pack.

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