Model Portfolios

A flexible investment made easy for you

Baillieu Holst’s Strategic Planning Services (SPS) professionally manage model portfolios designed to achieve long-term capital growth and consistent income streams through the investment in a diversified range of quality stocks. SPS understands that wealth preservation and growth are achieved only by adopting a long-term consistent approach that is focused on a set of objectives.

The portfolios provide investors with the benefits of direct equity investing and are ideal for time-poor investors who are comfortable with outsourcing portfolio management to a team of investment professionals.

The SPS Model Portfolios are accessible to retail clients via internal platforms and to financial intermediaries on various administrative platforms.

It’s a cost effective, tax efficient, transparent and flexible way of investing. The underlying investment assets are beneficially held by the investor, while all portfolio administration is undertaken by the platform provider, including corporate actions, dividends, tax record-keeping and reporting. With strict investment rules supporting our bias towards wealth preservation and absolute return, clients will enjoy our “quality control”.

Investment Portfolios

Managed by the Investment Committee, investors receive access to Baillieu Holst’s research and investment ideas through the following investment portfolios:

  • SPS – Australian Equities Growth Portfolio
  • SPS – Australian Equities Income Portfolio
  • SPS – Diversified Conservative Portfolio
  • SPS – Diversified Balanced Portfolio
  • SPS – Diversified Growth Portfolio

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